GOALS Soccer Centers

Pomona, CA

GOALS, a developer and operator of state of the art “small-sided” soccer facilities is expanding their pay-to-play soccer venues to locations throughout California. The first prototype Goals pavilion design by Balian Architects has been constructed and is in full operation in Pomona, California, soon to be followed by several other locations throughout the state.

The pavilion design is an efficient and compact envelope with a celebrated interior thoroughfare that bisects the plan, separating the private and public functions. The experience of passage from the street-side entry doors to the back entry towards the fields is the symbolic progression of the typical school child or unassuming adult into a competitive and unyielding hot-blooded soccer player.

The exterior design of the pavilion is activated with dynamic score lines and angled windows which break up the mass of the pavilion into sharp vectors inspired by movements of athletes.