Los Angeles Streetcar

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

The proposed conceptual design is a theoretical study of a re-envisioned hybrid residential design typology combining the best elements of the quintessential American single-family home with outdoor spaces and the need for high density living. The design intent is to study a completely transformed multi-family residential building that bridges the gap between traditional apartments and single-family homes with yards.

In a city like Los Angeles, the ability to find a single-family home, much less afford one, is becoming increasingly difficult, nearly impossible, even for upper middle-class families. Traditional 500-700 sf apartments don’t provide the necessary indoor and outdoor spaces desperately needed for families.

The current market offerings do not offer any private or semi-private open spaces large enough for families to host, entertain or enjoy the sun. They also don’t provide any individuality where one can easily identify their home visually from street level with monolithically designed glass wrapped towers.

Though the cost of construction would be an increase from dense traditional high-rise apartments, which is still envisioned in the project in the form of a dense high rise “traditional” tower in the middle of project, it
is at least an albeit expensive option for families looking for high density living with real open space in the form of yards and massive lanai type spaces.

This hybrid is inevitable with increasing population density and desire for living close to the bustling city cores and having “some space” and “a yard”.