212 Eucalyptus

Smoky Hollow, El Segundo, CA

Structural: LogikStructures
Electrical: LAZ Design Engineers
Mechanical & Plumbing: AMD Engineering Solutions Inc.
Civil: Brandow & Johnston
Landscape: Land Images

In anticipation of a long-awaited zoning ordinance  that will increase allowable floor-area ratios in the Smoky Hollow neighborhood of El Segundo California, the property owner of 212 Eucalyptus commissioned a design to maximize utilization of the site for creative office and parking on a 5,000 square foot lot. The design features a material palette of corrugated anodized aluminum panels, CMU around the elevator core, red painted exit stair and cross braces, and vines at grade around the automated parking lifts. The exposed steel frame at the east and west facades frames the ground floor retail space, 2nd level deck and articulates the rear facade. Amenity area is provided on a portion of flat roof.