99 Park

Bellevue, WA

Structural: DCI
Civil: DCI

The existing two story building situated in the heart of Old Bellevue just blocks away from the shores of Lake Washington and directly across the street from the Downtown Park stood vacant for years. The growth of Old Downtown Bellevue and lack of ultra-fine dining establishments nearby coupled with the Owner’s desire to create the finest Pacific Northwestern dining experience compelled the owner and the design team to re-imagine the existing structure as a world class dining destination that caters to the finest epicurean tastes of the long-time Bellevue residents as well as the influx of highly educated young professionals and food-ies from around the world.

The outdoor dining patio on ground level enlivens the street and neighborhood during the spring and summer months creating a strong connection to the Downtown Park. The second floor is a spacious open office plan that is envisioned to be occupied by a prospering local entity looking for a premier address with unmatched views toward the park.